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    Stay visible in the flood of information on the Internet with compelling content. We know the rules of the game. From planning to implementation, we approach your online PR at the highest level so that you can move ahead of the competition.

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    Tailor-made editorial plan

    Strong content and brand: we create editorial plans that include all relevant and industry-specific topics.

    Tailor-made press distribution list

    In the future, only communicate with press representatives who are of relevance to you and grant you high coverage.

    High-quality content

    Do you not have the time or the leisure to think of and create compelling content? Let our trained editors take care of it.

    Evaluation of qualified key figures

    Nothing escapes our professional media monitoring. Reports regularly inform you of the successes achieved.

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    We develop an editorial plan to disseminate and create content tailored to your desired needs. Not only will you reach your industry with targeted content, but we will also increase your reach.


    Benefit from our wide-reaching network. After building up a targeted press distribution list, we are responsible for passing on information to the media relevant to your industry. Doing this guarantees your company information is read by precisely the people it concerns.

    Editorial team

    Editors with a high level of professional expertise create relevant content that will convince and persuade your customers. In accordance with all journalistic standards, we write content that will be preserved in the daily flood of information on the Internet. Present yourself and your company convincingly!


    Measurability is the key to success. We at reputativ® take over all monitoring and keep an eye on relevant key figures. This enables us to react promptly to crises and recognise new potential.

    Online press releases are the fastest way
    to play messages to the target group.“
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    Don't waste potential with online PR

    With the targeted use of online PR, all topics and concerns of a company can be prepared for the general public, and your external image can be improved. Don’t waste your potential and rely on strategic online PR. Press releases, informative blog posts, and professional articles with a high level of expertise form essential content for a high reputation.

    Our communication professionals at reputativ® plan a comprehensive strategy together with you and are responsible for the wide-reaching distribution and evaluation of the content. Create sustainable relationships with multipliers and stakeholders with online PR and reputativ®. Reach your target group effectively with a strong presence online.

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    What is online PR?

    Online PR refers to press and public relations work that uses the instruments of online media. Online PR in a corporate context aims to attract stakeholders’ attention and improve the company’s positive external image.

    How does online PR work?

    Online PR uses the internet as a medium and communication tool. Relevant, positive content is published on appropriate channels to strengthen the reputation and increase traffic. SEO measures can additionally improve the visibility of content.

    What does an online PR strategy entail?

    A goal-oriented online PR strategy is always aligned with the company’s corporate goals. When the objectives are clear, target groups can be defined and then addressed with relevant content on suitable channels.

    What instruments does online PR include?

    Online PR uses both internal and external channels. Typical instruments and channels are:

    • Own website
    • Newsletter
    • Corporate blog
    • Forums
    • Audio and video podcasts
    • Press releases
    • Social media

    How does online PR differ from classic PR?

    Online PR is not a special discipline of public relations. Instead, classical PR and online PR differ in their choice of instruments. While classical PR takes place offline and spreads the news about companies and products, online PR takes place online and usually allows for more interaction.

    Manage the external perception of companies with online PR in a targeted manner

    Öffentliche Kommunikation

    To comprehensively describe the term online PR, it is first necessary to define it. The abbreviation stands for the English term “public relations”. Public relations encompass the entire public communication of a company, internally to its employees and externally for the public. Company-relevant content is published via external communication channels to relate to the public and shape the company’s external image.

    Internet - Medium und Instrument für die Kommunikation

    In online public relations, the Internet is the medium and instrument for communication. Media-effective content, news, and information are published on external websites to position the company online in the best possible way and to generate traffic to the company’s website. Online PR is closely linked to other marketing measures, such as search engine optimization (SEO). Increased traffic to the company website also positively affects the search engine ranking.

    Agenda-Surfing und Newsjacking

    To place relevant content in the best possible way, online PR also includes so-called agenda surfing and newsjacking to use current topics in the media to place your own content and thus generate attention. Online PR also includes other areas of responsibility, such as customer surveys, cooperation with digital influencers (influencer relations), media monitoring, or press relations via social networks.

    Online public relations complement classic methods of press and public relations

    Digital public relations should not be understood as separate from classical PR but as a supplement to strengthen the company’s public perception online and offline. Classic and online PR differ only in terms of implementation and methods, as well as the channels and platforms they serve. While classical PR uses print media, radio, and TV to distribute news, digital PR relies on different media on the Internet to spread content. These include newsletters, online press portals, wikis, blogs, influencers, online newspapers and magazines, news sites, editors, journalists, or other important multipliers. Some tools used are very similar to traditional public relations, specifically press releases. The communication can also take place via journalists and editors.


    Increase reach, strengthen the brand, and win new customers


    Companies can achieve numerous goals and targets with effective online PR. First and foremost, Internet measures are suitable to strengthen the company’s profile and increase its reach by targeting a wide audience. Online PR informs about products, brands, services, people, or events and offers the reader added value. This is done by utilising catchy and interesting press releases and specifically scattered news that serve the journalistic W-questions (who, what, when, where, why). Companies can also amplify opinions, reach multipliers and target groups and convince them. Since every reader is a potential customer, online PR also offers the opportunity to generate new customers.

    In addition to maximising reach, online PR aims to build trust in the brand and positively strengthen a company’s image. By actively influencing and participating in public discussions, companies can improve their reputation in the long term. An important criterion is that the effects and results of the target measures undertaken in the context of digital public relations are also measurable afterwards.

    Companies benefit from online PR measures on several levels


    Advertisements in print media are extremely competitive, and often only large companies get ad space. In comparison, online PR is an optimal supplement to classic PR for medium-sized and small companies to reach their target group with a small marketing budget. The company’s and brand’s visibility can be increased cost-effectively and sustainably, as articles on the Internet can be found in the long term. Concerns such as the launch of a shop or the presentation of a new product can be presented and spread online with targeted measures quickly, with little effort and personnel resources.


    Unlike traditional PR, there is less dependence on so-called gatekeepers such as journalists. Instead, content is published directly on the company’s website or via social media channels. Companies have full control over what content and topics they publish on the Internet and can manage their corporate identity in a more targeted way. Thanks to mobile devices, users can access corporate content at any time and from anywhere. Beyond placing online advertisements, publications in blogs, forums, online press portals, or wikis are cost-effective options for sharing information easily and promptly. Here, communication is not simply one-way but interactive.

    Social Network

    Especially with social network contributions, users can like, share or comment. As such, companies come into direct contact with their target group and receive feedback. Thanks to this new communication option, companies can sustainably improve the bond with their customers since the target group can create ratings, comments, or even blog articles on the topic. Such as in the form of product tests or reviews, where user-generated content is created, which has the advantage over classic advertisements in that it is more authentic, trustworthy, and credible.

    Instruments and channels for interactive communication with the target group

    Google Search

    In online PR, several formats and communication channels are available to spread relevant corporate information on the Internet. A fundamental distinction can be made between internal and external channels and measures. In addition to the company’s website with an online press section, internal digital channels include a newsletter with important up-to-date information which is regularly sent to subscribers and stakeholders. Furthermore, a corporate blog allows one to report on industry and company topics. At the same time, a forum provides space for discussions and networking among customers. Audio or video podcasts are also conceivable as an instrument for online PR measures.

    Comparably, the press release is the most important format for external communication and distribution. This is published via digital PR portals and press distribution lists, where, for example, the results of opinion or customer surveys can be distributed. In online newspapers and magazines, there is also the option of publishing advertorials, which are advertisements that are presented editorially and are not directly marked and recognisable as advertising. The fast viral spread of news and reports with exciting content is also possible via social news portals, microblogging platforms such as Twitter, and social networks via influencer relations, for example, by influencers recommending company products.

    A complementary measure is the placement of paid content, for example, Facebook or Google ads. It is possible to determine how online PR measures and publications perform afterward using monitoring tools. These monitoring tools bundle several social media channels into social networks. In addition to campaign management, it is possible to create reports and so-called social listening that mentions one’s own brand and company-relevant content that can be tracked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

    SEO improves the ranking of PR content and increases traffic

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) plays an essential role in online PR. The content on the company’s website, press releases, blog articles, or editorial contributions on external websites can improve the ranking in search engines and increase traffic to one’s own website. Factors that influence the ranking include keywords, backlinks, and high-quality content. Researching and using relevant keywords that relate to the brand, the company, the industry, or essential topics increases the reach of published press releases and articles. The content should be produced in such a way that it is unique. That is, it offers the user added value and, at best, corresponds to the user intent, i.e., the intention with which a user starts a search query in the search engines. Furthermore, online publications can generate backlinks to one’s own company website, as users are only too happy to share and link to good content. In contrast to systematic link building, this kind of organic link building practically happens by itself.

    SEO Ranking

    Such SEO measures in the context of online PR have the advantage over advertisements booked in Google Ads, which rank above the organic search results, as they cause significantly lower costs. Furthermore, the cooperation of online PR and search engine optimisation results in advantages in reputation management. Since the visibility of positive contributions can be strengthened in the top rankings of the search engines, negative mentions can be displaced by sliding further back in the search results and do not appear in the top positions.

    Identify, strategically plan and implement online PR goals and opportunities

    The implementation of targeted online PR measures is preceded by an inventory of the current overall situation concerning the communication and presentation of the company on the Internet. A corresponding online PR strategy is conceived and planned only after a detailed analysis of the current situation. For this, a precise objective is essential, whereby several objectives and strategic planning can be included and pursued in the long-term, which allows a broad operating. Is it about increasing the level of the company’s awareness, improving its reputation, repositioning the brand, or leading more visitors to the company’s website?

    In addition to clarifying the objectives, the target group plays an essential role in developing an online PR strategy. Depending on how the target group is defined and, for example, how high its average age is, it uses different information media on the Internet, which can also be reached and must be considered from the beginning.

    Online-PR strategisch planen


    The selection of suitable media and communication channels is followed by content planning. The planned content should reflect the target group’s interests, be optimised for search engines and cover relevant keywords. It must be clear how many and which formats will be served, whether online press releases, white papers, blog articles, newsletters, editorial contributions, and/or podcasts are suitable for publication within the content marketing framework.

    Ideally, several formats are included into the online PR strategy and distributed online via different channels. Whether press portals and distribution lists, social networks, or corporate blogs. Determining the communication channels precedes the publication and distribution of the planned articles to implement the online PR strategy as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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